Go Parity

Project type: UX UI + Webdesign
Year: 2021

GoParity is an impact investment platform that connects companies looking to finance their sustainable projects, with individuals and entities who want to invest sustainably. They finance projects in several countries around the world, with the help of a growing community of investors from around the world. 

We developed all UI/UX, website and look and feel to be featured on all materials.

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Group 1564

We took a multidisciplinary aproach on this project conceptualizing all arms of branding. UIUX, render aesthetics, fonts, colateral and information architecture.

Combining grotesque fonts with the logo neo-roman serif created a feminin and sensible look, yet geometric, mathematical, conveying a great tone with minimal weaknesses. 

Group 5968
Group 1503
Group 5970

Developing a new identity presented an opportunity to go bold and surprise the industry.

Direct but smooth, bringing the brand closer to the human-centric world of consumer brands. The earthy colour palette and strong typeface come together to give the brand a lively and dynamic, yet tactile feel.

Group 5971

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